Image by Ali Saadat

If we are only learn by following instructions we are likely to learn to fear mistakes.

If we fear mistakes we can learn to not do anything unless we are 100% sure it is correct and that we can do it. Anything less is failure. Anyone less is a failure. It is stressful, exhausting, and harmful way to live. It stops us exploring our potential.

It's also dangerous. We don't learn how to deal with mistakes. When things go wrong, we can make things worse.

@ we use sports to give everyone, all abilities, all ages, from beginners to pro's an experience of the opportunities of being a little less perfect. A real-time, in the moment experience of learning through trial and error to make a moment of it going wrong ... a moment of success.

This helps everyone to reduce their fear of failure. To see that mistakes are opportunities to learn what we didn't know we could do. 



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