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Most of our learning is based around a teacher teaching while we learn by correctly following instructions.

Right answers means we pass.

Mistakes mean we fail.

The dominance

of this format of learning means many of us are poor at learning through trial-and-error 

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If we don’t learn anything through trial and error we can develop an emotional need to be perfect. A need to be right. A need to control everything and everyone

We can fear mistakes. We don’t do anything unless we are 100% sure it is correct. Anything less is failure. Anyone less is a failure. It’s is stressful, exhausting, and harmful way to live

Its also dangerous. We don't learn how to deal with mistakes. When things go wrong we can make things worse

Learning something, anything through trial and error helps us experience the opportunities in being less perfect

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We use our ability to coach athletes to think on their feet at the moment it goes wrong 

To coach

everyone to be good at learning through trial-and-error

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Our courses are designed to help everyone learn to learn through trial and error

You pick a skill you want to learn

Our agile thinking coaches help you learn it through trial-and-error



We are in the process of setting up some e-learning courses. First course will learning basketball handles. Cooking to follow.


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