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Head Coach

Jon specialises in lifting the mental agility of players to create agile self directing teams.

"An agile self directing team is where team members reflect and adapt to what fellow team members are doing in a specific situation without having a single “right” way that all must follow"

"Agile team members try different adaptations, combinations, and variations to co-ordinate moments of spontaneity, self expressions and collective improvisation as everyone adapts as they go to see where it takes them, confident that if required they can do the extraordinary"

Jon does this for multi activities including basketball, netball, tall ship sailing, product and game design, pop-up food outlets, remote mountain living. He is always open to opportunities to add to this list.

Jon’s background is based on 20 years developing new ways to manage and lead complex networks of people where it is impossible to have a common cultural, single strategy or common purpose. He learnt how to coach mental agility through his 10 years of home educating his own and many other kids.

Jon is also the founder of

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