A challenge to building a performance-based organisation is that a need to perform can narrow people's focus onto perfectly executing the details. This is left brain only and we know from the science that when the left brain is used too much it inhibits access to the whole brain. None of us can perform to anything like our potential if we only use half the brain.


Jon Thorne, the founder of LifeSkills21.club will go on-site to run a workshop to show how playing games and sport can help everyone access the full potential of the brain. 


Jon will walk through a summary of...



Then Jon will coach a game or a sport (to be agreed) where players using the science of the brain to access the full potential of the brain.


Talk to jon.thorne@LifeSkills21.club to start a conversation on format and costs.


Jon will not let a lack of money be a barrier. He askes those that have money to pay a good rate so that Jon can do the workshop for free for those who don’t have the money.

How to play sport to access the full potential of the brain

  • We play to access the full potential of the brain. We experience the joy of using the brain how science says it should be used​.


    • We add flow and connection to mechanical technical skills.
    • We improve organically, naturally, by enjoying ourselves.
    • We find potential we and others didn't know was there.


    Science says that to use the full brain we need to stop a fear of making mistakes triggering the left brain to inhibit access to the right brain. The “Be Kind” rule means it’s ok for us all to make mistakes. We all quickly move on from mistakes so that play flows. We give players who are not as good as ourselves space to try new things. We all try new things. We don’t deliberately foul each other. We connect and flow. The left brain has no need to inhibit access to the right brain and stop us from using the full potential of the brain.


    Click here to learn more about the science of how the brain works.