When we plays sports to practice thinking on our feet... we laugh


  • We share moments of spontaneous creativity;
  • Difficult situations are turned around as they happen; and
  • We break free from habits that limit our performance.


Checkout our "Be Kind" rule


Any questions, contact jon.thorne@LifeSkills21.club

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  • Thinking on our feet means taking action without being sure of what will happen. It’s taking action with an ability to spot if it doesn’t work and stop, think on our feet, and try something different. To keep going until we find something that works. To practice thinking on our feet we need real time, disrupted, uncertain situations, which are one-offs, never to be repeated again, and so have no procedural way to deal with them. Sport is an ideal way to practice thinking on our feet.


    Playing sports to practice thinking on our feet is a very different experience. Things going wrong and all our various inabilities at playing sports are opportunities to practice thinking on our feet. This is why Jon's one rule is “Be Kind”.


    Our "Be Kind" rule means we give ourselves and others space to try things we and they are not sure will work. We give each other space to fail so that we can practice thinking on our feet.  We are kind. 

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