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If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going - Winston Churchill

Updated: Apr 1

When in a dark place I know it is not a good idea for me to sit down.

If I accept darkness I guarantee darkness.

Movement, in any direction carries the possibility of light.

I can move my thoughts by planning for success.

When looking for a plan to succeed I ask myself … What am I missing? This triggers me to look around me. To observe the world around me.

So, having all my plans to expand my sports coaching stopped by the virus... I asked myself... What am I missing?

Here is what came to me...

When we know what to do... we tend to build a robust plan and track the delivery of the plan by sharing the progress we are making with our tasks. It looks like being forced to interact through technology, and that technology working, could give leaders more confidence to carry on using technology to plan and track progress. When we are in uncertain times with uncertain outcomes we tend to need more time to think in flexible ways to find unplanned, unpredictable jumps in performance. This really needs the dynamism of face to face interaction.

My new plan for success is to use these times to get ready for when we can physically get back together again with a series of ready to launch events that use valuable and precious face to face time to develop the life skills to think in a flexible way. To help everyone find their own unplanned, unpredictable jumps in performance in these uncertain times. This I hope will help play a part in ensuring that the society that emerges from the virus will have an improve blend of technology based interaction and face to face interaction that is more suited to our uncertain 21st century.

To think in a flexible way we tend to need these three skills that are best developed in uncertain social situations that playing games and sports can provide.

  • To spot when a need to get it "right" stops us trying different ways to find a better way. To draw motivation from knowing that nobody knows the right way. There are always other ways. Be able to find other ways by trying something that we don’t know will work and when it doesn’t work adapt to find a better way. We call this Be Smart

  • To give ourselves and others space to improve with only a rough idea of where they are going and what will happen. To give ourselves and others space to find other ways by trying something that we don't know will work and when it doesn't work adapt to find a better way. To adapt to find different adaptations, combinations, and variations in co-ordinate moments of spontaneity, self expression and collective improvisation to do something extraordinary. This makes our right way is that there are always other ways... and those other ways can be different for each of us. We call this Be Kind.

  • To develop the good judgement to only act on a choice when the potential good consequences out-way the potential bad consequences. To develop good judgement on when to follow instructions and when to try different ways to find a better way. When to reflect and spot when something is not working and stop doing it. When to perfect what works for as long as it works. We call this Be Safe.

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