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Mixed Netball

From 16+ to amazing. Men and Women. We play for fun, fitness and kindness.
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Mixed Netball

Time & Location

Time is TBD
St Albans, St Albans, UK

About the event

If we were to design a sport to encourage players to maintain the brain's ability to rewire itself it would be netball. 

The fact that players can’t move when they have the ball, players are restricted to specific areas of the court so that one player can't move from one end of the court to the other, players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds, and when a player has the ball the opposition has to step back a metre. This makes it hard for players to over-power each other. Being stronger, bigger, faster, only gets players so far. Players have to use the brain to find ways to connect and flow together to score and defend.

We play for fun, fitness, and kindness.

Players are not coached to follow a standardise development pathway. They are encouraged to explore netball by trying their own ways. By stepping beyond what they know they can do. 

Each player enjoys their own learning journey at their own speed. It’s very player-centred. Players experience being in an agile team that connects, adapts, and flows together.

A warm welcome is guaranteed.

We play under a "kind" rule. This means everyone is asked to avoid  relying on being bigger, faster, stronger, and technically superior and  instead use the brain the way science says is the best way. To think  their way around opponents, barriers, and challenges. This develops what  Michael Jordan calls “Think Power”.

Older  players use their changing bodies to discover different ways to play.  Younger players discover how to beat players who are more athletic than  they are. Together we play for fun, fitness, and kindness.

We now have a help centre where you are welcome to ask any questions.

About us

We are a social enterprise. We have a number of free or discounted tickets so don't let a lack of money stop you from attending this session. Those that have money, please pay the full amount as this helps us to offer the free tickets. Contact me with any questions jon.thorne@LifeSlills21.club

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Go to your phone's app store, search for wix.com app called Spaces. Download. And then enter this code QTKFDS

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