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Play Smart, Play Kind, Play Safe

For the last 10 years I have been home educating Josh (21) and Arran (19) and I have been using the lockdown to reflect on the next steps.

When we started home educating my wife and I chose to take a fluid approach. We gave our boys the space and time to choose when, where and what and how they learnt. It was the greatest challenge of my life. 

I am proud of how Josh and Arran are comfortable in uncertainty and disruption. How they think on their feet, adapting as they go. That they have good judgement (mostly) on when to follow procedures and when to try different ways to find a better way.  That they draw hope from their ability to discover what they didn't know they could do. They know how to grow by trying things they are not sure will work and when they don't work, adapt to find a better way. They are good at thinking in a flexible way. I am hoping my wife and I have played a part in preparing them for an exciting, joyful, adventurous lives. 

Back to wondering what to do next... 

Before I home educated I spent 10 years running my own business implementing collaborative cultures in complex organisations. I made it easier for people to work across organisational and national boundaries. This was built on my involvement, with my late father, on some of the biggest cultural surveys ever done in Europe. 

My home education involved running a youth club, game design, pop up restaurant, taking teenagers tall ships sailing, caving and mountaineering. And setting up a basketball club that started with a small group of home educated teenagers and has grown to over 300 players from 8 to 80. Beginner to professional. 

I see now that whenever I set up a group my instincts are to start with the culture and grow from there. During my home education I learnt to implement an adapting agile culture. A culture that encourages people to grow in uncertainty and disruption. If I merge my old work with my home education I get a business that helps agile employers grow by connecting them to people who have the skills to grow in an environment of constant change. LifeSkills21.club is born.


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