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About our founder Jon Thorne

Play Smart, Play Kind, Play Safe

We are based on Jon Thorne's 20 years experience implementing defined cultures into businesses, communities and organisations. Jon uses his late father's culture measurement  tools that have been used on some of the biggest culture measurement projects in Europe.

Jon believes that 21st century technology such as social media and monitoring technologies have intensified and spread a popular culture of the 20th century, which Jon calls a "get it right" culture. As a "get it right" culture tends to respond to a disruption by returning to a right way ... Jon feels it is not suited to the 21st century where the level of disruption is going to be more than we have ever experienced. We may not have a right way to return to.

Jon created to give everyone opportunities to play sports and games in an adapting agile culture that is more suited to the 21st century. To think in a flexible way and find ways to grow in disruption. Jon explains more in his mini booklet.

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Our history


2020 has been created by Jon Thorne to implement an adapting agile culture into organisations, communities and teams by providing courses that lift mental agility. Instead of trying to measure mental agility, which Jon is not sure is possible, Jon measures a person's ability to operate in an adapting agile culture using tools designed by his father Paul Thorne.

2008 - 2020

Home Education

Jon's children were suffering poor mental health from the pressure of having to "get things right" at school. To help, Jon home educated his children. He taught himself how to lift mental agility (the ability to adapt when things don't go our way to find better ways) by helping students learn a new skill in an adapting agile culture.

1997 - 2008

Team Performance

Jon implemented a collaborative culture in many complex organisations by programming collaborative codes of culture into various collaboration software platforms. This dramatically lifted levels of collaboration across a multiple disciplines, multiple countries, multiple businesses, multiple reward systems, with minimum standards. This included the NHS, Department of Works and Pensions, Catlin plc, Aon plc, Henkel plc, CNet, Cranfield University, The World Bank, Royal Mail Consulting

1991 - 2010


Docsa was offered by Paul Thorne and his team to survey the current and required culture and build a plan for managed culture change. Docsa was used by clients in USA, Finland, Norway and in the UK by The Police Service, Home Office, WH Smith, Unilever, to name but a few. This included doing culture surveys for 1000's of people. Paul developed a conversational tool called DocSort that was used to run focus groups which is what Jon uses in

In 1993 Paul’s son, Jon Thorne joined DOCSA as a business analyst to reverse engineer the statistical process from an outdated computer system used to calculate cultural profiles. This made it easier to run more “what if” analysis on the culture data and cross reference with more traditional employee survey data.



"The obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday

“Rebel Ideas” by Matthew Syed

"The End Of Average" by Todd Rose

"the intelligence trap" by Rolf Dobelli

"The Hope Circuit" by Martin Seligman

"Anti-fragile" by Nassim Nicholas Talebby

"Black Box Thinking" by Matthew Syed

"Culture's Consequences" by Prof Geert Hofstede

"Organizing Genius" by Paul Thorne

"The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg

"Range" by David Epstein


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