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Our agile culture is where everyone is encouraged to act with only a rough idea of what will happen and then think on their feet and adapt as they go. Everyone is encouraged to strive to be different and to distinguish themselves from the competition.  To be bold, adventurous and innovative. The pace is fast, structures flat and fluid.  Major and minor changes are a fact of life.

Everyone is helped to take action that lead to results. Results good or bad make it possible to discover what is next. 

People matter most, great attention is paid to their individual needs. The most distinctive characteristics of an agile culture are energy, the desire to achieve and an opportunistic outlook. Future oriented. Continually adapting. The atmosphere is informal, people know what is expected, take responsibility and rise to a challenge.  When in doubt people use their initiative, mistakes are tolerated, and everyone gets recognition so long as they seek to discover what they didn't know they could do.

Eating a Meal

An Agile coach breaks the activities into bite-size actions that get a bite-sized result. 

An Agile coach breaks the activity into bite-size actions that get a bite-sized result. An Agile coach helps players practice these bite-sized actions individually and to build unplanned sequences of these bite-sized actions.

Agile coaches build agile teams by coaching players to take bite-sized actions that add value to themselves and their teammates.

Agile coaches build a sense of community by encourages players to copy each others bite-sized actions.

Everyone develops three skills

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To take action

To have the good judgment to know when to do as planned and when to be agile. To be agile by building unplanned sequences of bite-sized actions. To take a bite-sized action that gets a result, good or bad doesn’t matter which, then think on our feet, adapt, and take the next bite-sized action. To work in agile teams by adapting bite-sized actions to add value to teammates. To build a movement for change by copying the bite-sized actions of others.

To get results

To see that success and failure is temporary. What matters is discovering what is next. To be energised by disruption. See opportunity in not knowing what is going to happen. To use failure to fuel a desire to take responsibility and rise to a challenge. To grow by discovering what we didn’t know we could do. To always ask ourselves... what is next?

Casual Work Meeting
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To live well with risk

To enjoy making decisions in the moment. Doing things at pace and with confidence. To safely think on their feet to correctly act when things go wrong. To try something that we are not sure will work when the potential good consequences out-way the potential bad consequences. To keep reflecting. To stop doing what is not working. Perfect what works for as long as it works.

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At our Agile teams events your people will share an experience of finding different adaptations, combinations, and variations in coordinated moments of spontaneity, self expression and collective improvisation to discover what they didn’t know they could do.


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